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  • Take every opportunity to speak Spanish

    I was at a barbeque yesterday with a bunch of colleagues, half of them native Spanish or Colombian, and everyone with a pretty good level of Spanish. Now I normally speak English at work as that is the second language of the office and it helps me do my job better, but now we were […]

  • Avoiding using English

    Most of the Spanish people I know speak very good English. This is a problem. You know as well as I do that immersion is the key to improvement. But when I am at work or just feeling tired at home I often speak English because it is easier. Well tonight we have a few […]

  • Why I love Spanish language comics

    I have been on a bit of a reading bender recently, but in English unfortunately. I got hold of a new Kindle and I have been downloading free books like crazy. Anyway, as reading in Spanish is an important part of the learning process I got myself in gear this morning and went down to […]