My progress learning Spanish

I’ll be keeping you up to date with my Spanish learning progress here. I had been studying Spanish on and off for many years before moving to Spain, but had not got beyond the beginner stage. Living in a Spanish speaking country has obviously helped me advance a lot, but don’t let anyone tell you that you will just ‘absorb’ the language by osmosis. It is communication with others that helps all the book learning to stick. I have the slight complication of living in Barcelona so I hear Catalan more often than Spanish amongst my friends. But everyone is very helpful and they switch without a hitch although it means that my level of ambient listening is not as high as it could be.

I also work in an mainly English speaking environment, so that cuts 8 hours of potential practice out of each day, but you have to earn a living and it is an advantage in the workplace for me to be a native English speaker.

So what about you? What is your level and how are you helping yourself to find opportunities to speak the language?

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Hi Steve,
Great site and nice to see someone in the same boat as me. I am also starting an intercambio next week and agree its an essential part of learning Spanish in Spain.

Well done. I must get back in to it myself, but a full time job makes a lot of things difficult. Just a question of priorities I suppose.

cheers for dropping by. Good luck to us both.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for all the useful advice – great site. I’ve been trying to learn Spanish on and off for a few years but didn’t make much progress. I’ve recently started learning with a friend who did an intensive course before travelling through Central and South America. She also goes to Spanish conversation nights in a local bar to practice and improve her language skills. As we live in different parts of the country we use skype and it’s been great, I’m learning loads and feel so much more motivated now I have someone to practice with.

I had a similar start, spending many years in England just learning a little bit. But getting an language exchange partner is the best way to move things up a level. I bet there is a native Spanish speaker somewhere in your town who would be glad to improve their English with you.

Hi Steve,

Soy Dani de lacocinaconversa.

La iniciativa de tu blog me parece muy interesante. Es un recurso mu útil
para personas que quieran aprender español.

Un saludo.