Challenge 8: Making Predictions In Spanish

I don’t know if you read the news or not, but it cannot have escaped your notice that the world is going through an economic crisis. Spain is feeling the pain more than most countries and there is a lot of talk about how the country will turn out over the next few years.

So that I can join in these political conversations I want to get prepared with a bit of extra vocabulary. So let’s look at some examples of predicting the future in Spanish.

If decir means to say, then it follows that predecir means to say before, i.e. to predict. Simple. And obviously a prediction is una prediccion. Let’s see some examples in use:

Nouriel Roubini de la escuela de negocios de la Universidad de Nueva York, fue uno de los pocos que predijo la crisis. – Nouriel Roubini of the business school at New York University, one of the few people who predicted the crisis.
Los que no sabemos nada de economía ya predijimos que la tasa de paro aumentaría. – Those of us who know nothing about economics already predicted that the unemployment rate would go up.
Dos predicciones de Einstein han sido confirmadas con precisión. – Two of Einstein’s predictions have been exactly confirmed.

Depending on the context, the verb pronosticar can also be used, along with the accompanying noun un pronóstico. More examples:

Creo que tengo un pronóstico de lo que va a pasar. – I think I have a prediction for what will happen.
Los recortes agravarán el pronóstico de recesión entre los expertos. – The cuts will exacerbate the recession forecast among experts
Los comercios pronostican menos ingresos pese a las “agresivas” rebajas. – Shopkeepers predict less revenue despite the aggresive sales.

Now for some words that are more likely to be used in day to day circumstances:

prever – to foresee
previsible – foreseeable, predictable
previsto – predicted
imaginarse que – to imagine with the sense of supposing something.
suponer – to suppose
creer que + future tense – to believe that something will happen

Preveo una victoria histórica del Partido Popular. – I foresee an historic victory for the PP.
La tasa de paro bajará en 2011 menos de lo previsto. – The unemployment rate in 2011 will fall less far than predicted.
Nostradamus lo había previsto. – Nostradamus had predicted it.

Me imagino que llegarán tarde. – I imagine that they will arrive late.
Supongo que el alquiler será muy alto. – I suppose that the rent will be very high.
Creemos que la empresa seguirá creciendo. – We believe that the company will continue growing.


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