Challenge 7: Making A Promise In Spanish

Spain this week is still in a state of shock from the huge cuts and law changes being imposed by the relatively new right wing government (Partido Popular). President Mariano Rajoy has broken at least three of his pre-election promises so far, so I thought it would be apposite to explore some of the Spanish vocabulary of promises and of keeping your word.

Here are a couple of quotes from the Spanish press to get us started, explaining Rajoy’s changes of position from before he was in power.

El presidente del Gobierno, Mariano Rajoy, prometió no abaratar el despido. E incluyó esta medida en la reforma laboral.
Aseguró que subir los impuestos no estaba entre sus planes. Y subió el IRPF una semana después de llegar al poder.

Below are some of the most common words used to talk about promising to do something, with some examples of how to use them in sentences.

una promesa – a promise
una promesa electoral – (an electoral promise)
El alcalde de Sant Joan incumple una promesa hecha ante notario. – (The Mayor of Sant Joan breaks a promise made before a notario)
El programa de Aguirre incluye promesas incumplidas de 2007 – (Aguirre’s program includes unkept promises from 2007)

Prometir – to promise
Te prometo que te gustará el bar – (I promise that you will like the bar)
Os prometo no gastar todo el dinero – (I promise you I will not spend all the money)
romper una promesa; incumplir una promesa – (to break a promise)
Romper una promesa o falsificar un documento son tipos de traición – (To break a promise or to falsify a document are forms of betrayal)
debes cumplir con tu palabra – (you must keep your word)
Me diste tu palabra – (You gave me your word)

Jurar – to swear
Será una noche increible, te lo juro. – (It will be an incredible night, I swear)
¡Me juraste que no ibas a volver a fumar! – (You swore to me that you were not going to take up smoking again)
Fotos de bebe tengo una, y porque me juran que soy yo – (I have one baby photo, because they swear that it is of me)
Cuando celebran un matrimonio, los cónyuge se juran amor hasta que la muerte los separe. – (When a marriage is celebrated, the couple swear to love each other until death separates them)

asegurar – to assure
Me aseguraste que el horno funcionaba – (You assured me that the oven worked)
Te aseguro que esos precios que estás dando son falsos – (I assure you that those prices you are giving are wrong)
La directiva me aseguró su confianza aunque bajáramos – (The directors assured me of their confidence even if we are relegated)
El Gobierno nos aseguró que no interferiría – (The government assured us that it would not interfere)

I used one of my old Google search tricks to find these examples to give you.


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