Challenge 4: New Spanish Vocab

Part of my plan for 2012 is to add lots of helpful Spanish learning content to the website. So to start with the basics I am going to make Challenge 4 all about expanding our vocabulary.

Very simply, I want you to pick a room or situation and write down at least 20 words that are associated with it. For example the topic might be, the kitchen, eating in a restaurant, studying in a library, your classroom etc etc. Whatever you want. Then think of all the elements of that situation and write them down in English (especially the ones that you don’t know the Spanish for). Lastly, look up each one that you don´t know and write the Spanish word down next to the English. Congratulations, you have just created a handy study list to carry with you for the next two weeks.

Whenever you find yourself in that room or situation over the next two weeks, try to name everything that you can see and make up simple sentences using the new words that you have researched. I recommend carrying the list of new vocab around with you so that you can whip it out at anytime and refresh your memory. Do this regularly enough and with use and repitition the words will start to stick.

When you have written out your list of new Spanish vocabulary, add it in a comment below (and let everyone know with the  facebook or twitter buttons that you did the challenge!).


One reply on “Challenge 4: New Spanish Vocab”

As it’s now the weekend and it’s too cold to do much out, we have been doing a bit of housework at home. So my new Spanish vocabulary is all to do with this subject. Here are the 20 new Spanish words that I have looked up, all to do with housework.

housework=las tareas domésticas
sideboard=un aparador
put away (the glasses)=guardar
clothes dryer=una secadora
hang up (the wet clothes)=tender
rug=una alfombra
hi fi stereo=un estéreo
turn up the volume=subir el volumen
kitchen sink=el fregadero
wash the dishes=fregar
a dishwasher=el lavavajillas
do the laundry=hacer la colada
a washing machine=una lavadora
kitty litter=la arena del gato
a mop=una fregona
to mop=pasarle la fregona
broom=la escoba
to sweep=barrer
the freezer=el congelador
left overs=las sobras