Challenge 3: Planning Ahead

Well, the holidays are over and normal life has started back up. How did you do on the last challenge? Did you find any interesting new adjectives to describe your Christmas food? I would love to see some of you sharing how you did with the challenges in the comments. Or how your Spanish studying is going in general. A big reason for me writing on the site is to make myself do some more homework! I know how hard it is to knuckle down sometimes.

I wonder if any of you made a New Year’s resolution to study more? I am not a huge fan of making such a big deal out of that one night, but making some plans and targets can help anyone. So let’s make that this week’s challenge.

Using lots of future tenses, write a few sentences about what you plan to do over the next year. This could be plans for your Spanish study or for any other part of your life. Leave a comment with your plans in Spanish in the comments below and feel that glow of accomplishment (and read mine as well of course).