Challenge 5: The News In Spanish

When I first arrived in Barcelona nearly 6 years ago, I did not have any work organised. In those idyllic days I could wander the sunny streets at leisure and pick a nice cafe terrace to sit at and have a coffee. There were two main factors making up my decision of which cafe to choose. 1. The quality of the coffee and 2. did they have newspapers to read.

Before I knew many people and before I had a TV in my apartment, the newspapers were my main source of Spanish language input. I used to sit and copy out short articles, so that I could look up unfamiliar words later at home. The news is a good choice of reading matter as you generally know the outline of the story already so you can concentrate on the grammar and not get too lost.

The challenge for today is to pick a short news article from your favourite online Spanish language news site (you do have a favourite Spanish language news site, don’t you? Mine is El Pais) and to copy it out. Then write a short summary of the article in your own words. Pick a length that you think you can manage without getting stuck and if you feel proud of your effort, please post it below in the comments.

Did you managage to do the last challenge? I added my list of 20 new words in the comments of the Spanish challenge 4 page. It’s amazing what words I have managed to avoid learning even after living here a long time.

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This is the news story that I have picked, as the Goyas are on TV tonight.


Se celebran esta semana en Madrid los premios Goya, una version española de los Oscars de Hollywood. El año pasado había una manifestación fuera del Teatro Real que consistió en muchas personas del movimiento Anonymous. Abuchearon a los famosas en la alfombra roja y protestaron contra la ley Sinde.

Sin embargo, este año la policia estaba más preparada. Una hora antes del comienzo, había empezado a revisar los bolsos de todo el mundo en busca de “todo lo que pueda representar una amenaza para la seguridad del evento o que pueda perturbarlo”. Basta con llevar una máscara, pero una en particular. La que se ha convertido en el símbolo del movimiento Anonymous. La de Guy Fawkes que llevaba el personaje de la novela gráfica V de Vendetta.

Una decenade personas estaban llevados lejos del teatro por la policía.

OK, that´s my mini summary of the story. It´s not comprehensive but it´s not meant to be. The idea is to make me do some writing in Spanish, which I now have! How about you? Pick a story and add your version in the comments below.

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