Challenge 6: Videos in Spanish

A great way of “consuming” the Spanish language is to watch TV or movies, either those originally made in Spanish or English language material dubbed into Spanish. The internet is full of video clips on youtube or the websites of Spanish language TV channels. The DVDs you have lying around may even have Spanish dubbed dialog or subtitles if you are lucky.

If you pick a film to watch that you have seen already this will help you avoid losing the thread of the plot.

Personally I like watching the news programs, and with these comprehension is easier as you generally have an idea of what they are talking about.

The challenge this time is an easy one. Just watch 3 short video clips in Spanish (or 1 whole movie if you are really keen). Have a dig around on Google for some of the things you are interested in. Here are my three clips:

  1. A man asking Spanish TV why they put Night At The Museum 2 on so late at night on a Sunday
  2. Spanish basketball player Ricky Rubio talking about his move to the NBA
  3. A short news report on the version of the Mona Lisa in the Prado art museum in Madrid

If you find some good clips, please share them with me in the comments below. Thanks!

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