You must always carry your Spanish language learning notebook

a blank notebook with a red cover
Use a notebook to help you study Spanish

Finding time to practice Spanish is hard for most people busy with their day to day lives. If you are going to keep up the momentum to learn, then one 40 minute Spanish study session a week is not going to do it. But we all have little 5 minute spots throughout the day when we are doing nothing, and if you are prepared you can take advantage and use them to do a bit of studying. I carry a small notebook
at all times which serves two purposes. First, I always have written down the latest 10 Spanish words or phrases that I want to practice, so when I am on the metro or waiting in line I can pull out my notebook and give them another glance. Secondly, as I live in Spain and am surrounded by the Spanish language, I use it to write down any unknown words that I see or hear while out and about so that I can check up on them later and add them to my Spanish SRS deck. By writing something down you are more likely to remember it later, and once you know the meaning you have an actual real world example to associate it with in your mind. You can also use the notebook
to make your shopping lists, in Spanish of course.

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Hola.Buenos dias.Yo soy estudiante de espanol y me gusta mucho esta idioma.Quiero aprender mas,Podia ayudarme por favor?
Muchas gracias

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