Do you need help with Spanish conversations?

If you are learning Spanish like me you have probably had many false starts and frustrating times grappling with the language. This site is a small effort to help myself and others with improving our level of Spanish conversation.

2006 was the distant year that I moved to Barcelona in Spain, but I still sometimes stumble and mumble my way through awkward Spanish conversations with people. I never was a natural language learner (5 years of school French passed through my brain with scarcely a trace). Many English speaking people have trouble with the Latin based languages in general. It’s all those backwards word orders and verb forms that do my head in.

My half successful methods

Over the years I have gone through many different ways of learning Spanish. For example I have tried all of the following:

When learning anything I have always needed to see examples written out before my brain can grasp new concepts. It turns out that with learning the Spanish language, the same thing applies.

My brain needs to see written examples for me to understand what I am studying. This is especially true with Spanish grammar.

I make a habit of writing useful example Spanish phrases down in my little Moleskin copy notebook, grouping them by situation. This gives me a head start on starting each new conversation in Spanish with a strong opening line. If I can start off speaking well, then everything else comes flowing out much more easily.

I thought that other Spanish beginners or intermediate learners might find these phrases and sentences useful as well. So I have grouped them into different categories for you and made this site with lots of Spanish example phrases, sentences and conversations. Whether you are in a Spanish speaking country or just studying in a class, I hope that they help you with your Spanish studies. I’ll be adding lots more as I hear them and use them, and I have plans to do some videos of myself using them in real life situations. The poor innocent shopkeepers of Barcelona will not know what has hit them.

What now?

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