Spanish learning tips and tricks won from hard experience

Below you will find links to a whole range of learning tips, tricks, and techniques that I have benefited from over the 16 years that I have been living in Spain and studying Spanish. I wish I had known them all at the start of my language study journey, but things have worked out pretty well over time considering everything.

None of these are shortcuts however. A trick to help you learn Spanish still needs you to do some studying! But they may help you to avoid getting discouraged and to keep on pushing forward with your Spanish language level.

Why you must always carry your language learning notebook

Why everyone needs an intercambio

Great Google tip to help you learn Spanish

Practice your weak points

Taking advantage of opportunities to shine

Using Positive Reinforcement in your Spanish Study

Avoid using English

But sometimes it’s best to stay in your comfort zone

Practice your weak points

A female student studying Spanish
Studying Spanish

Will living in Spain accelerate my Spanish?

What about online Spanish courses?

Are you making these common Spanish mistakes?

Need help with your Spanish homework?

Are online Spanish course worth the money?

How to create a personalized Spanish study plan

Take every opportunity to speak Spanish

Do foreign language speakers have better jobs?

Free Spanish podcasts and TV

Why I love Spanish language comics

Committed practice beats osmosis

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