Why I love Spanish language comics

I have been on a bit of a reading bender recently, but in English unfortunately. I got hold of a new Kindle and I have been downloading free books like crazy.

Anyway, as reading in Spanish is an important part of the learning process I got myself in gear this morning and went down to my local library to have a browse of the Spanish language comics. The Barcelona library system (and maybe the Spanish system generally) seems to have a huge selection of comics, so there is always something good. For me they are a great language learning tool as they are not as tough to get through as a novel, the pictures give you a clue as to what is going on and you are reading dialogue not literary descriptions. This is much more useful for learning phrases for everyday Spanish conversation usage between people, plus it’s important sometimes to give yourself a break. Not every hour of the day has to be spent poring over a grammar textbook.

comic book page
Reading comics in Spanish is simpler and gives context to the words.

If you are in the US I guess that there will be Spanish language reading material available in book stores at least, if not the libraries. And there is always Amazon to help you out. After a quick look I saw the Twilight comic: Spanish Edition, Ultimate X-Men Spanish Collection and Ultimate Spider-Man (Spanish Edition). Me, I am right in the middle of Watchmen and All Star Superman, both in Spanish.