Speak Spanish perfectly at the hotel

A hotel in Spain

You’ve negotiated the trip and have arrived at your accommodation. All you want to do is throw yourself onto the bed and have a rest. But first you have to check-in, in Spanish of course (you wouldn’t want to pass up an opportunity to practice would you?). Use these example Spanish phrases to make the hotel check-in process go as smoothly as possible. Have a head start on understanding the hotel staff and, just as importantly, being understood by them in turn.

Most hotel staff will speak English, but if you are in a smaller hotel or an apartment or bed and breakfast, this is not guaranteed. Even if the staff do speak English you should still speak in Spanish for a bit of extra practice, whatever your current level of language mastery.

As always, having the first phrase you will need all prepared will get you off to a good start with the conversation. If you think you will be flustered after traveling, have these phrases written down clearly in your Spanish notebook, to revise while you are in the queue to check-in.

  • Checking in
    1. Tenemos una reserva a nombre de Smith (We have a reservation in the name of Smith)
    2. Smith se escribe S M I T H (Smith is spelled S M I T H)
    3. Aquí tiene mi pasaporte (Here’s my passport)
    4. ¿Hasta qué hora podemos quedarnos en la habitación? (Until what time can we stay in the room?)
    5. ¿A qué hora hay que dejar la habitación? (What time do we have to be out of the room by?)
  • Practicalities
    1. ¿Podemos dejar nuestro equipaje? (Can we leave our luggage here?)
    2. ¿Dónde puedo aparcar mi coche? (Where can I park my car?)
    3. ¿Hasta qué hora se puede desayunar? (When does breakfast finish?)

Here’s an example dialogue between guest checking in and a hotel receptionist.