Spanish sentence examples to use in a restaurant

Eating out is perhaps the most typical situation where you will need to use your Spanish language skills. Although some restaurant staff will speak English, you should resist the temptation to take the easy route. Being in a restaurant is a perfect situation for some Spanish practice because you are in a controlled environment where you know pretty much how each conversation is going to go.  Ask for the Spanish version of the menu if they hand you the English one, and use that poor waiter as a captive audience for your Spanish practice.

A dish of paella with mussels
  • Talking about making a table reservation
    1. Queríamos reservar una mesa para dos a las diez, por favor – (We wanted to reserve a table for two at 10pm please)
    2. Queríamos reservar una mesa para dos a nombre de Smith, por favor – (We wanted to reserve a table for two in the name of Smith please)
    3. Tenemos reserva a nombre de Smith – (We have a reservation in the name of Smith)
  • Arriving without a reservation
    1. Buenas noches, somos dos para comer. – (Good afternoon, there are two of us for lunch)
    2. Buenas tardes, ¿se puede comer? – (Good afternoon, do you do lunch?)
  • Useful Spanish phrases for vegetarians?
    1. Soy vegetariano – (I am vegetarian)
    2. ¿Este plato lleva carne? – (Does this dish contain meat?)
  • The check and paying.
    1. La cuenta, por favor. – (the check/bill please)
    2. Cuando pueda, la cuenta, por favor – (the check/bill please, when you have a moment)
    3. ¿Nos puede traer la cuenta, por favor? – (Could you bring us the check/bill please?)

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