Spanish Technology Vocabulary

These Spanish example phrases will help you in your studies to learn Spanish and be a supplemental resource to your Spanish Language studying materials.

    • At an Internet café
      1. ¿Se puede enchufar mi pendrive? – (Can I plug in my pendrive?)
      2. ¿Cuánto cuesta media hora? – (How much is it for half an hour?)
    • At the shops
      1. ¿Teneís tarjetas de memoría, tipo SD? – (Do you have SD memory cards?)
      2. Buscaba un cable para mi iPod – (I was looking for a cable for my iPod)
      3. ¿Quería pilas tipo A triple? – (I wanted triple A batteries)
    • In a Wi-Fi zone (By the way, Wi-Fi is often pronounced “wiffy” in Spain)
      1. ¿Me puedes decir la contraseña de la Wi-Fi? – (Can you tell me the Wi-Fi password please?)
      2. ¿Hay Wi-Fi gratis aquí? – (Is there free Wi-Fi here?)
      3. ¿Cómo se llama la red de Wi-Fi? – (What is the Wi-Fi network called?)
    • By the way, Wi-Fi is often pronounced “wiffy” in Spain.
    • Spanish names for mobile phones or cell phones.
      1. In Spain the word for a mobile phone is is un móvil (masculine, as un teléfono is masculine)
      2. . In most Latin American countries, un teléfono celular or simply un celular.
      3. A missed call is una llamada perdida.
      4. A text or an SMS is simply un SMS (masculine, as un mensaje is masculine)
      5. WhatsApp keeps its name, but is pronounced in a Spanish way, often sounding like “Wassap”.
    • Email in Spanish is correo electrónico, but most people in Spain will understand the word “email” with no problems.