Useful Spanish example phrases for taking a taxi

These Spanish example expressions will help you in your studies to learn Spanish and be a supplemental resource to your Spanish studying materials.

Spanish taxi in BarcelonaLet’s get the easy bit out of the way first. The Spanish for taxi is taxi. Fantastic. Now lets move on to see some useful Spanish taxi phrases to use when traveling abroad.

  • Asking a taxi driver if they are free.
    1. ¿Está libre? – (Are you free?)
  • Giving the taxi driver directions in Spanish.
    1. Queremos ir a la Calle Valencia, por favor – (We want to go to Valencia Street please)
    2. A la Calle Valencia, por favor – (To Valencia Street please)
    3. Llévenos a la Calle Valencia, por favor – (Take us to Valencia Street please)
  • Asking how much for the taxi in Spanish.
    1. ¿Cuánto cobra, más o menos, para ir a la Calle Valencia? – (How much do you charge to go to Valencia Street?)
    2. ¿Cuánto vale, más o menos, ir a la Calle Valencia? – (How much does it cost roughly to go to Valencia Street?)
  • Getting the taxi to stop.
    1. Pare aquí, por favor – (Stop here please)
    2. Es aquí – (It’s just here)
  • Paying the taxi driver.
    1. ¿Cuánto le debo? – (How much do I owe you?)
    2. ¿Cuánto es? – (How much is it?)
    3. ¿Me hace un recibo, por favor? – (Could you give me a receipt please?)
    4. ¿Puedes abrir el maletero? – Could you open the trunk/boot?
  • Asking the driver how long until you get to your destination.
    1. ¿Cuánto tiempo hasta que lleguemos? – (How long until we arrive?)
    2. ¿Cuánto dura el viaje al hotel? – How long is the journey to the hotel?